Real Madrid forced to switch planes after technical problem, Newsline

MADRID – Real Madrid were forced to change travel plans for their first La Liga game of the season after a technical problem with their aircraft, a club spokesman said on Sunday.

The Spanish champions were due to fly from Madrid to San Sebastian in northern Spain for the match against Real Sociedad on Sunday evening when the plane’s hydraulic system malfunctioned.

The Real squad switched aircrafts and flew to Vitoria, before continuing the journey by coach to San Sebastian, which is 76.5 kilometres to the north.

“There was a small technical problem with the plane, but we diverted to a different flight and the team will make it to San Sebastian in plenty of time before the kickoff,” the spokesman said.

Real Madrid were due to arrive in San Sebastian at 3 p.m. local time and the game will start as scheduled at 9 pm.