Task team probing shooting incident which left three dead, wounding an ANC mayor’s two sons, Newsline

Durban – A mayor of the ANC in KZN is still reeling in shock after his two sons survived an assassination attempt, but three of their companions were killed and two seriously wounded.

The mayor, Vincent Madlala of Alfred Duma (Ladysmith) local municipality said the incident happened a few days ago just outside his home and it appeared that the plot to kill his sons was hatched some time ago.

The matter was initially investigated by a local police station as a purely criminal matter, but it has since been taken over by the political killings task team, which was been busy in the past few years after a surge in political killings.

The team recently swooped on Madlala’s home in the township of Zakheni and impounded two sedans, including a BMW, that were being driven by his sons on the day of the shooting.

“The reason why the cars were taken away was that the murder case has been taken over by another police unit.

“I am told that there is a fresh probe of the incident where my sons were being shot at and some of their friends died while others were injured.

“For clarity, the incident happened near my home and it was the police that released the cars to us and it’s them who are also taking them back for a fresh probe,” he said.

Madlala who has some background in the local taxi industry, on Sunday told Isolezwe newspaper that he had nothing to worry about as it was his sons who were shot at and together with their friends, they acted in self-defence with their friends.

He further clarified that the incident was not linked to him and he was still at work as the mayor of the municipality.

Early this year, Madlala had to take sick leave after some community members picketed against him and shut down the town of Ladysmith for days.

He later attributed the violent and economically crippling protests to the local taxi industry, saying his foes there were instigating it so that the ANC could recall him.

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