After five years of promises from eThekwini, Mobeni Heights Crematorium furnaces still causing grief, Newsline

Durban – THE Mobeni Heights Crematorium still brings undue grief to bereaved families after more than five years of promises by Ethekwini Municipality to fix the broken furnaces at the facility.

An undertaker in Chatsworth, Clive Moodley, said there was one faulty furnace and the community relied on the second furnace which had since given in recently, leaving people to travel at an extra cost to Clare Estate Crematorium.

“This city doesn’t care about the very same people who are ratepayers. We have had numerous meetings with municipal officials and we spoke about this crematorium in all those meetings and empty promises have been made. The Chatsworth community is not rich but now they have to travel to the privately-owned Clare Estate Crematorium for cremation services – and all this at an additional cost. These people would love to use a crematorium closest to them. It would seem that this city doesn’t care about its residents,” Moodley said.

He said Clare Estate operates with five furnaces yet they are running “just smoothly” and properly maintained.

“How can it be so difficult for to run and maintain a facility with only two furnaces? They promote cremation as they are running out of burial space but they are failing to run just two furnaces. This is just a flagrant disregard to human dignity and lack of empathy on the part of those in charge of the municipality,” he said.

After many engagements with the city to solicit its intervention and fixing of the facility, the latest promise was made earlier this year that the facility would be in operation in February.

At the time, the city reportedly said the long-awaited furnace arrived but to date, it is not known why it has not been installed. It is also not clear as to what the city’s plans are since the other furnace had since broken down.

The Daily News has requested a detailed explanation on what happened to the new furnace and are the plans for the second one which had since broken down forcing the closure of the facility.

The city had not responded at the time of publishing.

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