Alfred Duma municipality probes tender fraud syndicate, Newsline

Durban – ALFRED Duma local municipality in Ladysmith is investigating allegations of a tender fraud and corruption syndicate operating within the municipality.

It is alleged that the syndicate communicated with service providers, contractors and companies promising them tenders in return for money.

Municipal manager Sibusisiwe Ngiba issued an internal communiqué to workers which served as a warning to those operating as scammers within the municipal jurisdiction.

In the communiqué, Ngiba said it had been brought to her attention as the accounting officer that the syndicate claimed to be employed by the municipality and were based at the supply chain management department.

She said the syndicate interacted with service providers, contractors, and company owners promising them tenders in return for money.

“Payments to this syndicate are channelled through e-wallets and other bank accounts indirectly linked to them,” she said.

Ngiba appealed to all municipal business associates to be aware of the tender scam.

She said those involved in the procurement process and who rendered services to the municipality were cautioned not to be involved in this scam.

“The municipality has approved policies and procedures within which it conducts its business in relation to the procurement of goods and services. Nobody is allowed to manipulate such processes for their own personal gain.

“These processes are there for a reason, and that is to ensure that the tender is awarded fairly, gives all applicants an equal chance, and is not tainted by corruption,” said Ngiba, adding that fraudsters have no platform in the municipal procurement.

The council further encouraged all business associates to be vigilant and apply procurement ethics.

“They must also apply logic if approached systematically, telephonically or by any other means by these perpetrators, and should not comply or be fooled by these fraudulent looters.

“An internal and external investigation is being considered at this stage once the law enforcement agencies have concluded their preliminary investigations and findings on the matter,” she added.

The Mercury