Cape Town woman needs help finding mom who she last saw nearly 20 years ago, Newsline

Cape Town – Chanel Pretorius from Athlone is looking for her mother whom she last saw nearly two decades ago.

Pretorius, now 24, says: “I was five years old when I was taken away from my mother because she was caught stealing, and I have been living with my foster parents until I was 16.”

She says at first her mother would come and visit her at her foster home but the foster parents stopped the visits.

She says life growing up “was hell”.

“I decided to run away from my foster parents when I was 16 because they were abusive which made my life hell,” she says.

She says her biological mother’s name is Kathleen Johanna Albertina Pretorius and that she does not have many memories of her as she was still very young.

“I remember we lived in Silversands, I also remember my grandmother and my mom’s boyfriend, however I don’t know if he was my father or not, so I don’t know my father at all.”

Pretorius says even though she had a tough life she turned out “just fine” because she is now married and a mother to a two-year-old boy whom she would like to meet his ouma: “I have a lot of questions for her and no matter the conditions she lives in now I will help her”.

If you can assist, please contact Chanel Pretorius on 061 749 0818.

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