Catering firm in spat with lawyer who ‘didn’t pay his R5 240 food bill’, Newsline

Cape Town – A Mitchells Plain lawyer is being accused of ordering food from a catering company, but now refuses to pay for it.

Lauren Reid from Strandfontein sells frozen food and at times gives her customers food on credit.

She says two months ago she gave the lawyer food worth R5 240 and she has not been paid despite numerous attempts to get her money.

“I supply people with various products and this lawyer placed an order and promised to pay, but he never did. He was supposed to pay me last month already,” Lauren explains.

She says she is tired of his “stories” and he has now allegedly become rude.

“My husband went to their Rocklands offices and they were rude to him.

“He blocked our numbers and when we called his office number, he threatened to charge consultation fees as we are calling his workplace.”

She says her business took a knock due to the unpaid debt.

“We could not pay our suppliers and we cannot get stuff on credit now as we missed a payment. It then became difficult to supply for our paying customers.”

Attorney Johndry Miljiet first denied that he owed Lauren money, but later admitted that he owed her over R5 000.

However, he says he refused to pay because the food “was off”.

“I will sue them if they defame me. The food they sold me was off, also, are they registered? Are they debt collectors?”

A surprised Lauren said it was the first time she heard her food was off.

“He ate the food and now calls it off, yet he did not come here and complain,” she says.

The small business owner said she will seek legal advice on how to recoup her money.

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