City of Cape Town could lower water tariffs soon, Newsline

Cape Town – The City of Cape Town could lower water tariffs soon because dam levels have increased to 98.2%, and it said dam levels were being taken into account to determine which water restrictions and tariffs would apply over the summer.

Mayco member for water and waste services, Xanthea Limberg, said: “The City is reviewing tariffs and water restriction levels in anticipation of the start of the new hydrological year (beginning in November).

“Final decisions will be made in consultation with the National Department of Water and Sanitation who will take the lead in planning for the new year, and the other municipalities and irrigation boards with whom the City shares the dams.”

Limberg said tariffs were currently on the second lowest level, level 1 and much lower than during the peak of the drought.

“Lowering of tariffs is being considered, but this should not be at the risk of significant revenue deficit. The lowest tariff level, being the no restriction, water-wise tariff, is currently being considered for implementation. It is slightly lower than current level 1 tariffs.”

The City has previously said revenue from tariffs is used when maintaining a 11 500km water network, 9 500km sewer infrastructure, 5 600km stormwater pipelines, 490 wastewater pump stations and 23 waste water treatment works.

Cape Argus