How technology empowers unemployed youth, Newsline

The ICT sector presents unique opportunities that not only address these current needs but also equip the youth to seize the potential for success that exists in the technology sector.

Samsung has been working with Government and educational institutions to empower those who envision a future in the sector. As part of the company’s wide-ranging programmes, Samsung has prioritised education and training in software development, engineering, business management and entrepreneurship skills.

These skills are sought-after in the digital economy. Through its partner approach Samsung has been working with Universities, Digital Precincts, Colleges and SETA accredited engineering institutions to bring market relevant training and development to unemployed youth. Together, the initiatives harness the power of technology to train and inspire young people to pursue their ambitions.

One example was the opportunity provided to 20 unemployed people living with disabilities to complete a junior business administration and entrepreneurship programme. The learnership ended in August 2020 and is one of the many capacity building initiatives undertaken by Samsung. The benefit for those that have participated in this programme is that they will have gained the know-how of creating a new venture or start-up, coupled with a solid foundation in key business essentials.

For those that have decided to enter the job market, the skills, knowledge, attitudes and abilities gained from this qualification are transferable to any sector of the economy, thus position them to commence a thriving career in the formal economy. With that being said, Samsung endeavours to place all learners that have now attained the qualification in permanent employment either within Samsung or its partner companies. Of course, success is best measured by those who have experienced it. Noluthando Dladla is one of the students on the electronics learnership programme delivered by Ocule IT in KZN

“Not only do we now see ourselves as future employees but we also believe that through the programme we can become employers. Initiatives such as this, made possible by Samsung, create job opportunities that bring hope and light to our peers, “says Dladla.