Mom who gave birth in Daspoort Tunnel, loses another son, Newsline

Pretoria – The Pretoria West mother who gave birth to a healthy baby boy in the Daspoort tunnel on the way to hospital said God gave her one child and took the other away.

Jamie Lee Piek, 39, disclosed that three days after her son Aiden was born, her other child died at the age of 5. The child died of meningitis.

Piek said Aiden was doing well after he gave her and her husband Quinton the shock of their lives. “We now laugh when we think back to how I had to pull the baby out during that scary moment,” Piek said.

Her ordeal started on Monday night when she experienced birth pains while in bed. She was 39 weeks pregnant, but realised something was wrong as she had never had that type of pain when she gave birth to her other two sons.

“I felt a terrible pressure against my pelvis and I told my husband we had better get to the hospital. On the way to the Pretoria West Hospital and while we were driving through the Daspoort tunnel, I saw the baby’s head peeking out.”

While her husband tried to drive as fast as he could, Piek had no choice but to pull the baby out herself.

“My heart nearly stopped and I told my husband the baby is here. He looked at me and muttered ‘oh my gosh’ in shock.”

Piek said luckily her mother-in-law was also in the car and handed over some towels, in which the baby was wrapped. But mother and child were still attached to each other via the umbilical cord when they got to the hospital.

“My husband skipped several red traffic lights to try to get us there as soon as possible.”

Little Aiden weighed 2kg.

While the couple will never forget their experience, they are heartbroken about the death of their son and trying to come to terms with it.

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