Business Report to launch column for unit trust investors, Newsline

JOHANNESBURG – Business Report will soon launch Portfolio Pointers, a column comprising a series of articles offering guidance to unit trust investors, considering various themes impacting their portfolios.

The articles will be co-written by investment specialists David Crosoer and Professor Prieur du Plessis, who are the chief investment officer of PPS Investments and the chairperson of PPS Multi-Managers, respectively.

Crosoer has 20 years’ investment experience, and has overall responsibility for how the suite of local and offshore unit trusts and other bespoke investment offerings of the PPS Group are managed by the investment team.

He has a Master’s degree in economics and psychology, and is both a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Financial Planner.

Du Plessis is an investment veteran who has spent almost four decades in the investment industry. In addition to various non-executive roles at the PPS Group, he serves as non-executive director of Distell and Combined Finance, and is a member of the Advisory Board of the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB). Additionally, he is professor extraordinaire at the USB and Honorary Consul General of Slovenia for South Africa.

Du Plessis holds a Doctor of Business Administration – Finance degree and also has the Chartered Director (SA) designation.

“The current trajectory of the world and South Africa seems as unclear today as any time in the recent past,” said Crosoer. “Significant technological and ecological disruption challenges old ways of doing things, while growing social and economic inequality places increasing responsibility on asset owners to invest with a conscience.”

The aim of Portfolio Pointers is to give practical guidance to framing and navigating the uncertain world of investing. Crosoer and Du Plessis will start the journey by asking what conservative investors can do with South African interest rates at multi-decade lows, and whether this is likely to change any time soon.

Other topics they will deal with are why the main investment lessons from the past 30 years are unlikely to be relevant for the next 30 years, and why the single biggest investment risk facing South Africa probably isn’t Eskom.

They will also discuss what gives an asset manager an enduring edge and how one finds it, as well as whether there is a limit to how many managers you should include in your unit trust investment portfolio. “We hope readers will find this column both informative and entertaining, and would welcome feedback on the articles and also ideas for future topics,” said Du Plessis.

Keep an eye open for Portfolio Pointers on Wednesday, October 7.