Algerian authorities stop 755 refugees from entering Europe, Newsline

Cape Town – Algerian authorities have stopped 755 refugees from heading to Europe illegally between September 20 and 25 as illegal crossings from Algeria’s north coast continue to rise.

According to a report by news and information site Info Migrants, the Algerian Coast Guard prevented the refugees from making the dangerous crossing via the Mediterranean Sea.

More than 1 052 Algerian nationals have arrived in Italy so far this year, compared with 600 the previous year.

North Africa is a popular launch point for refugees seeking a better life in Europe.

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), poor economic conditions and the lack of employment opportunities see high levels of migration in Algeria, including internal rural-to-urban migration and, in some cases, irregular migration to international destinations.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the UN Refugee Agency called on governments and donors to help bridge critical gaps by ensuring the inclusion of refugee students in national education systems and the continuity of tertiary education programmes, as well as offering more places for refugees.

Info Migrants further reported that a total of 9,139 migrants arrived in Italy from Libya since the beginning of the year until September 23, accounting for 40% of the total 23,273 migrants who arrived in the country since January 1.

According to reports, there are 45.7 million internally displaced people in the world.

African News Agency