WARNING: Severe thunderstorm expected to hit Gauteng on Wednesday, Newsline

Johannesburg – A severe thunderstorm was expected to hit Gauteng on Wednesday and residents have been warned to take precautions of the expected flooding and reduced visibility.

This comes after the South African Weather Services issued a Level 2 Impact Based Warning about the storm in the province, expected to start from early afternoon and last until 9pm.

City of Joburg’s Disaster Management said the storm pockets would be associated with severe lightning, flash floods, reduced visibility and damaging winds.

“Based on the warning, there is a high risk of minor to severe impact in place over parts of Gauteng. The thunderstorm formation will start in the afternoon and reach their maximum intensity around 5pm.

“This could result in damage to informal and formal housing, business structures, temporary flooding of low level road crossings, causeways and low lying residential areas.

“The City of Johannesburg Disaster Management Centre is calling on the residents of the city and its visitors to be observant for changing weather conditions and exercise caution.

“To protect themselves, Jobugers are advised to remain indoors, not seek shelter under trees, look out for signs of potential trees that may be falling, avoid open and isolated spaces as well as look out for and avoid crossing flooded low lying bridges.

“People are also asked to avoid forwarding and spreading unverified social media weather messages to stop creating panic.

“Follow official and trusted emergency social media accounts to receive reliable information,” City of Joburg Disaster Management said.