ANC calls special lekgotla on ’unprecedented’ Covid-19 economic crisis, Newsline

Cape Town – The African National Congress (ANC) said on Thursday that it would hold a special virtual lekgotla on Friday to discuss South Africa’s deepening economic crisis.

“The NEC virtual lekgotla will bring together alliance partners, and ANC deployees in national, provincial and local sphere government as well as strategic sectors in society, including business, civil society, and traditional leaders,“ said the party via a press release on Thursday night.

It said the lekgotla was taking place in the midst of “an unprecedented economic crisis” caused by the global coronavirus pandemic.

The meeting was called days after the quarterly labour force review showed that the country had shed 2.2 million jobs in the second quarter while South Africa was in lockdown in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The latest employment figures confirm the impact of the economic contraction in the second quarter of 2020. This has had a severe impact on the livelihoods of millions of South Africans and further deepened poverty and hunger,” the party said.

“The latest economic statistics underline the need for extraordinary measures to rebuild the economy, and for these measures to be effectively and urgently implemented. [The] Lekgotla will be seized with these critical issues, among others.“

South Africa’s GDP shrank by 51 percent on an annualised basis in the second quarter, the biggest shrinkage since 1960.

African News Agency