Murdered top cop Kinnear wasn’t sleeping peacefully, memorial hears, Newsline

Cape Town – Slain provincial top cop Charl Kinnear has been described as a strict, loving and protective family man by his brother Grant.

At a memorial service and wreath-laying ceremony in Belhar yesterday, family, friends, and colleagues in blue joined in to pay their respects to Kinnear who was murdered in cold blood outside his Bishop Lavis home.

Zane Kilian, 39, a former rugby player for the Falcons and Griquas, has been charged in connection with the murder, and appeared in the Bishop Lavis Magistrate’s Court last Friday.

Grant Kinnear said his brother was well respected by many.

“He was a brother who protected his family members – a brother who would stand up in the middle of the night to be with his family to ensure that they were safe, and to support them.

“He loved his job, it was not just a month-to-month pay cheque for him. There are two things he hated the most: one is never to lie to him, and the second one he hated was someone with authority who becomes corrupt.

“He believed that if you had authority and power, to use it to change the world and your community.

“He loved brotherhood and unity. I remember when I was going to Bloemfontein to join the SANDF, he said that whatever I did, I should do it right the first time so that I won’t need to go back to fix it because time is precious.”

Provincial police commissioner Yolisa Matakata said Kinnear had an outstanding track record that led to him being entrusted with sensitive and extensive investigations.

“Since the news broke of the murder of Colonel Charl Kinnear, I have been trying to find words to describe the loss.

’’A tragedy with irreversible implications, I was away at the time of the incident but from a distance my heart bled and still does.

“The pain associated with this loss is difficult to comprehend. Part of my brain reminds me that Lieutenant-Colonel Charl Kinnear belonged to others too and they are also grieving.

“He did not sleep peacefully but he was brutally killed as he made his way home to his family.

“A tragic incident occurred a few metres from where his family was and no one deserves this tragedy.

“Charl Kinnear was a remarkable being, a shining star with the SAPS, a seasoned detective with outstanding track records, hence he was entrusted with complex, sensitive and extensive investigation.

’’It was his qualities as an outstanding investigator that made him undertake the work he was doing,” said Matakata.

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