Bloemfontein grandad scoops R121m Powerball jackpot, Newsline

Durban – South Africa has a new instant millionaire – a Bloemfontein grandfather who won the R121 Million PowerBall jackpot this week.

Two days after all his numbers came through, the man arrived at the National Lottery Operator Bloemfontein office on Friday afternoon to claim his winnings.

According to lottery operator, ITHUBA, the winner, who bought his ticket at Belvera Supermarket on 8 Old Thaba Nchu Road, Bloemspruit, in Bloemfontein, checked his ticket at a store before coming to the National Lottery Office.

“I checked my ticket about 30 times and I still could not believe that I was the big winner that everyone was talking about. When I arrived at the National Lottery office in Bloemfontein, I became both exited and anxious when it was confirmed that indeed I had won the R121 Million PowerBall jackpot”, said the winner.

The winner is not a regular PowerBall player, but he plays Daily Lotto regularly. “I usually play Daily Lotto because it is cheaper and there’s a chance to win every day. When I won a bit of money from Daily Lotto , I decided to invest in playing the PowerBall and it paid off big time!”

The winner, who is only left with a few years before retirement has opted to stop working immediately.

“I do not intend to continue working, I have worked hard enough and I am grateful to be granted an opportunity to retire earlier than I was expecting, without worrying about finances. My wife, however has been longing to complete her degree, and I vow to support her on that.”

Asked if he was planning to donate some of his fortune in anyway, the winner replied: “I am a religious man, I will certainly be donating to my church. In addition, I have a house helper who has been working just a few days a week, and a gardener who only comes in once a week. Both of them have been with my family for years now but I was never able to give them more work. Now that I can afford to pay them more, I will be employing them on a full time basis and I trust that this will be helpful to them too.”

He added: “Although I like my furniture, I am ready for new beginnings. I will be buying new furniture and I will split the existing one between my two employees. I also want to pass on our family caravan to our helper, she has always liked it and I think that will put a smile on her face.”

Following the extensive financial advice ITHUBA provided, the new multi-millionaire has decided to invest most of his winnings.

“The financial advice I received really opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities I was not aware of. I have decided to invest a large portion of my winnings and it feels good to know that because of this decision, my children and grandchildren will be taken care of for life”.