Covid-19 in SA: 83 deaths, 888 more infections and recovery rate steady at 90%, Newsline

Johannesburg – Health Minister Zweli Mkhize has announced 83 more Covid-19 related deaths and 888 new infections on Monday night.

This takes South Africa’s Covid-19 death toll to 17 863, and infections to over 693 359.

The number of recoveries in the country stands at 624 659, which accounts for nine out of every 10 people infected with the virus are recovering from it.

South Africa has 11th most Covid-19 infections in the world, with the USA, Brazil, India, Russia, Spain, Columbia, Argentina, Peru, Mexico and France having the most cases in the world. The USA has over 8 million cases, the most in the world, while France has just over 740 000, the 10th most cases in the world.

In South Africa, new infections are slowing in the country, but Mkhize has again warned about the dangers of a second wave on Monday.

He said on Monday that the second wave would arrive if people were complacent and did not wear masks and practice social distancing.

“We have to be very realistic here and not deal with it emotionally or try to create a controversy about it,” Mkhize was quoted by eNCA as saying.

“It’s a straightforward issue, that we cannot tell whether we will get a second wave or not but the risk is there. At this moment, we have not seen a rise that is indicating there is a second wave but we can’t say people must be complacent,” he said.

The Department of Health said it had now tested over 4.4 million people in the private and public sector, with almost 11 000 tests conducted in the past 24 hours.

South Africa’s coronavirus death toll now stands at 17 863.

The Gauteng province has the most deaths, with 4461, followed by the Western Cape, with 4260, Eastern Cape with 3300 and KZN, with 3006, have the most fatalities in the country.

Of the latest 83 deaths, Mkhize said the majority of the deceased came from the Free State.

Deaths by province:

Free State – 43, including 1 in the past 48 hours

Eastern Cape – 17

Gauteng – 11, including 2 in the past 48 hours

Western Cape – 7, including 5 in the past 48 hours

North West – 3

KZN – 2

We extend our condolences to the loved ones of the departed and thank the healthcare workers that treated the deceased patients.