Families demand answers after missing boys found dead, Newsline

FAMILIES of the two 7-year-old boys whose naked lifeless bodies were found floating in a dam on Thursday evening say they want answers from a man who drove the truck they were last seen in.

The boys reportedly got in the back of a moving truck at BM Section, Khayelitsha, which was on its way to Bosasa in Mfuleni.

The truck driver told the family when he noticed the boys on the truck, he stopped and let them off.

According to the boys’ parents, their sons were not alone on the truck but all the other children had made it back home on the same day.

The boys, Linathi Ntshonga who had hope’s of being a policeman and Miyolo Gwinta, an aspiring firefighter, are from Site B, Khayelitsha.

They went missing two weeks ago at about 6pm when they hopped on the truck that was relocating people from Khayelitsha to Bosasa.

Lungisani Ntshonga, Linathi’s father, said he wants to know how the driver could have dropped the children almost 4km away and “expect them to walk home alone”.

Families demand answers after missing boys found dead, Newsline
Lungisani Ntshonga, Linathi’s father, and Thembakazi Gwinte Miyolo’s mother. Picture: Brendan Magaar/African News Agency(ANA)

“It does not make sense to me that he could have done something that reckless,” he said.

Thembakazi Gwinta, Miyolo’s mom, echoed Ntshonga’s sentiments adding that the driver “should tell us where he dropped our kids because sniffer dogs went out to where they were found but they could not pick up their scents”.

“The dogs, however, did pick it up at the newly build informal settlement, Covid, so we want him to tell us the truth so we can find closure.

“He was my only child, I miss him already, though I have made peace with what has happened, I do want answers. The time he claims to have dropped them off was already too late for them to go swimming in the dam, what did he do to our children?” she questioned.

Unemployed and struggling to make ends meet, the families of the two boys said they were now also saddled with the daunting task of having to collect R3 000 to have DNA tests done in order to have the bodies conclusively identified as their children before they can bury them.

“They told us that if we wait for the state to conduct the tests it could take up to two months and we cannot wait that long. We have to now go out and borrow what we can from whoever is able to assist so we can at least have the bodies by Wednesday’s next week,” explained Ntshonga.

EFF regional secretary Banzi Dambuza said the boys were found naked and their clothes not too far from their floating bodies.

“There are two assumptions at this point; they were either swimming and drowned in the water or they were dumped there and their clothes thrown there,” he said.

Police said an inquest docket had been opened.

“Police divers have retrieved the bodies of two children from a dam between Old Faure Road and the N2 highway in Mfuleni late on Thursday,” said Brigadier Novela Potelwa.