Matric English Paper 1 described as smooth, easy as exams begin, Newsline

The National Senior Certificate (NSC) examination, English Paper 1 was described as smooth and easy as more than 1 million Grade 12s started their final exams.

Matriculants said they were well prepared for exams and had high hopes that they would pull off good grades despite the disruption of Covid-19 which resulted in a lockdown.

Vukani Mawethu Secondary School learner Thabang Mabena said even though the workload was heavy they have managed to cover all their bases and completed the curriculum.

He said it had been a stressful year having to decide whether to go back to school or to stay home for the rest of the year and do matric again next year.

“At first it was a bit scary going back to school with so many people catching coronavirus but I remembered how badly I wanted to complete the year and get my certificate so I can finally move on from high school,” he explained

His friends echoed the same sentiments and said it was really important for them to get the NSC which meant they had to put in the hard work and get good grades.

Asskay Mashiane who also goes to the same school said he repeated a grade previously and did not want that to happen again.

He said he wondered if the education department felt sorry for them and had made the tests easier because of all the catching up they had to do.

“It was a stressful year but luckily we haven’t heard of any learners that were infected by the coronavirus but most of us were not too concerned about falling ill, it’s just that we want that certificate,” he said.

The learners anticipated that the economics paper would be very difficult due to the fact that their economics teacher was absent throughout the year.

Nature Mahlangu also from the same school said they were forced to help each other out with economics because it was not one of the easiest subjects.

Aneko Hlungwani from Tsako Thabo Secondary School in Mamelodi East said she felt confident about the exams and has been attending extra classes provided by the school.

“Considering that there were assignments that we had to complete and catch up with all the work we missed, it was tough but I am relieved that we got this far even though it was stressful,” she explained.

She said she was looking forward to the following year and going to university where she will be studying teaching.

She added that she wanted to study law but her marks did not reach the required admission point score which was why she settled for the teaching course.

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