SA now has 13th most Covid cases in the world, MPs told, Newsline

DEPUTY Minister of Health Joe Phaahla has confirmed in Parliament that South Africa has dropped from number 5 in the world to number 13 after the decline of Covid-19 infections.

This follows measures that the country has taken to fight the spread of the virus.

Phaahla was answering questions on Thursday when he defended the lockdown, saying it had helped to reduce the rate of infections with the recovery rate sitting at 90%.

He said during the peak period South Africa was in the top 10 in the world, and had occupied number 5.

But the implementation of tough measures to reduce the infections has pushed the country to number 13 with other countries still caught up in the second wave.

By Wednesday evening there were 730 548 people infected with the virus and 19 585 people who had died.

Phaahla defended the implementation of the lockdown, saying South Africa would not be where it is if this had not been done.

“The hard lockdown was brought in to flatten the curve; that indeed happened. Both the minister, ourselves and the president have on countless occasions said the hard lockdown was to flatten the sudden rise in infections, which would have overwhelmed the facilities. The hard lockdown had the effect of flattening the curve so that we don’t have the spontaneous infection,” said Phaahla. | Political Bureau