LIVE FEED: State Capture Inquiry – November 6, 2020, Newsline

Johannesburg – The Zondo commission will continue to hear aviation-related evidence on Friday.

Former SAA chairperson Dudu Myeni will continue to give testimony.

On Thursday stunned the commission of inquiry into state capture when she revealed the identity of a witness dubbed “Mr. X”.

Myeni, who is also a former Mhlathuze Water chairperson, shocked commission chairperson Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo when she revealed Mr. X’s identity minutes before the lunch break.

Earlier this year, Mr. X told Justice Zondo his company had been used by one of Myeni’s son Thalente’s firms to deposit R3 million.


Myeni would then demand that cash be withdrawn from Mr. X’s company’s account to be delivered to her, according to his evidence.

”I am controlling the proceedings in this commission. I give you an opportunity to say something and I give everybody an opportunity to say something,” said Justice Zondo.

He continued: “At this stage, I want to say if there is an order that I have made it needs to be respected. When we come back I’ll hear what you have to say, I’ve got to reflect about what you have just done”.

Earlier, Myeni had derisively asked: “Who is Mr. X?”

Justice Zondo explained he was a witness and had made a ruling his identity should not be revealed and was satisfied there were proper grounds for that decision.

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