Public urged to check if private security providers are registered, Newsline

Cape Town – The Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSiRA) has urged consumers of private security services to check if they are registered with them.

The warning came after Zane Killian, the accused in the Lieutenant Colonel Charl Kinnear’s murder more than six weeks ago, said he was registered as a private investigator with PSiRA.

Killian, whose registration has been questioned, has been charged with conspiracy to commit murder, the unlawful interception of communication and the access or interception of data and fraud.

Fraud was added after his defence handed down two exhibits to the Bishop Lavis Magistrate’s Court to prove that Killian was registered with PSiRA and as a debt collector.

PSiRA has since confirmed that Killian was never registered with them.

Oupa Mamabolo spokesperson for PSiRA said verification could be done by going on their website or emailing them to check.

“I confirm that Mr Zane Killian is not a registered security officer with PSiRA. Once registered, security officers renew after every 24 months (businesses is annual).

“For a security officer to be considered registered with the regulatory authority we need the following: Completed SASSETA qualification or PSiRA grades (minimum of Grade E) and/or have a competency certificate for special courses,” said Mamabolo.

He added that the applicant should be 18 years and older, be a permanent resident of South Africa, not have committed any of the scheduled criminal offences listed in the Private Security Industry Regulation Act, have completed training at an accredited training centre, not be a member of any official military, Security Police or intelligence force in South Africa or elsewhere and there will be a payment fee for registration.

He said it was important to note that private security was not as massive as the guardian sector, therefore, all registration should be checked.

Public urged to check if private security providers are registered, Newsline
Eric Bryer, attorney for murder accused Zane Kilian who was arrested for alleged assassination of Lieutenant-Colonel Charl Kinnear.  Picture Henk Kruger/African News Agency (ANA)

Killian’s instructing attorney, Eric Breyer, said that police had told him his client was registered.

He added when Killan’s ID number is put into the PSiRA system, his name comes up.

However, when the Weekend Argus checked, using Killian’s ID number screenshot sent by Breyer, it came up as invalid.

“He completed the courses but did not receive his certificate because it coincided with Covid,” said Breyer.

While the Council for Debt Collectors (CFDC) did not confirm whether Killian was registered with them, they said one would need to complete a registration form among other things.

Breyer said that it had not yet been verified if Killian was registered with CFDC.

Their application form is completed once when applying for the first time.

On renewal annually, only the renewal fee is paid and a new certificate is issued to the debt collector once his or her profile is updated.

“Debt collector’s registration is valid for a year and must be renewed on the same date that the debt collector was registered, annually. Failure to renew will result in the suspension of the registration and further to the withdrawal of the certificate.

“This will mean that the person is not allowed to collect debts,” said spokesperson for the CFDC, Lulekwa Mengcane.

Mengcane said Killian was registered in 2013 and seemingly did not renew his registration and as a result, it was withdrawn.

“He was an officer of Umvelo so he was not in his own capacity.”

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