Residents in Claremont go without water for 10 days, Newsline

Cape Town – A Harfield Village resident in Claremont, together with her neighbours, says they have been without running water for 10 days after the City stopped supply and they were told to wait.

Monique Heystek said this started after the City installed a water management device due to previous water leaks. Heystek said both households had small babies and were relying on friends and neighbours to help fill 5-litre water bottles.

“It is so embarrassing and humiliating to ask neighbours for water all the time and to ask friends for a shower now and then. It is degrading to have to bath in a container… it hugely increases our Covid-19 risk,” she said, adding the City said they would have to wait.

She said City turnaround time for fixing water problems changed from 48 hours to 4 four days, but they were on day 10.

Mayoral committee member Xanthea Limberg said limitations on contracts for service providers for the Water and Sanitation Department were causing the delay.

“The department’s internal teams are being redirected to attend to these meter-related service requests. The City apologises for any delays in services response, as a result of this and for any inconvenience,” she said.

She said the department was doing what it can to minimise the impact on service delivery and ensuring that services get back to full operating capacity as soon as possible.

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