Taking the bull by the horns – literally, Newsline

Durban – Taken by the horns and pulled up a makeshift ramp saw the rescue of a distressed bull from a sewer pit this week.

Reaction Unit South Africa (Rusa) reported they were called to a property in Oakford, Verulam, on Wednesday after a resident found the bull stuck in an open sewer in his backyard.

According to Rusa, the bull was trapped in the pit, measuring 4mx2m and about 2m deep. The pit had been exposed due to the concrete cover having broken during recent rains.

Taking the bull by the horns – literally, Newsline

The bull was suspected to have fallen in while grazing on the unfenced property.

After several failed attempts to rescue the animal, the officers and paramedics made a ramp using a steel security gate and wooden boards. A rope was tied around the bull’s horns. With assistance from a neighbour and two herdsmen who had arrived looking for the missing animal, the bull was finally freed. The animal was not injured during the rescue.

Meanwhile, Rusa also reported daily calls of snakes at properties along the North Coast, including green and black mambas, spitting cobras and other species.

With summer temperatures setting in this week, snakes are coming out of hibernation. Officers call out catchers when a sighting is reported.

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