Teenager killed in KZN train surfing accident, Newsline

Durban – A 17-year-old was killed in a train surfing incident in Saturday.

KwaZulu-Natal police spokesperson, Colonel Thembeka Mbele, said officials from the Durban SAPS Search and Rescue, Metro Police Search and Rescue and eThekwini Fire and Rescue were called out the the Effingham Railway Station.

She said the teen was electrocuted while train surfing.

“The train was travelling from Duffs Road to Durban when the train conductor noticed the victim and alerted the train driver to stop.

The body was recovered and handed over to members from Kwamashu Railway SAPS. An inquest docket has been opened,” Mbele said.

In July, the South African Public Rail Services warned teens against train surfing after a 15-year-old sustained critical injuries after touching one of the power cables, while train surfing.

At the time, KZN EMS spokesperson, Robert Mckenzie, said the boy sustained electrical burns.

McKenzie explained that paramedics were called on scene by security guards.

Spokesperson for Prasa in KZN Zama Nomnganga warned that train surfing killed.

“We do campaigns all the time at schools and Communities but if fall on deaf ears,” he said.

He explained that they visited schools and spoke to pupils about the dangers of playing on top of trains, yet, pupils refused to listen.

He said that during the activity of train surfing the participants compete with each other making it more dangerous.

In March, Prasa warned against train surfing after the body of a 16-year-old boy was found on platform 1 at the Umgeni station.