WATCH: Winde disturbed by EFF, residents clash outside of Brackenfell High School, Newsline

Cape Town – Premier Alan Winde has said that he is really disturbed by the violent clash between EFF members and residents outside Brackenfell High School on Monday.

The violent clashed occurred over a private matric celebration organised by some parents of learners who attend the school.

The MEC for Education in the Western Cape, Debbie Schäfer also condemned both the actions of the EFF members and those parents outside the school.

“Violent attacks are simply not acceptable and will in no way benefit our learners.

“Violence is also not the solution to solving disagreements. I urge all parties to engage with one another in a responsible and adult manner, and for SAPS to ensure that our learners are protected from this kind of violence,” Schäfer said.

Winde said: “What I saw today outside Brackenfell High School really disturbs me, where citizens are using a platform outside a school to really stoke up emotions. It is totally unacceptable.

“As citizens of this province, if we have a issue, we need to sit down and talk about it. We need to deal with it as adults, and specifically because our matrics – in a very difficult year – are trying to get their final exams done.

“We need to move away from the entrance of the school, we need to get around the table to sort these things out. We must make sure that we give the youth of this province their opportunity to finish their exams, please.”

Winde asked that residents not resort to violence and called on everyone to be calm. He further encouraged everyone to deal with these issues in a responsible manner.

The EFF, however, has vowed to descend on Brackenfell “in its entirety and ensure nothing operates”.

“The attacks in Brackenfell are yet another confirmation that racists are emboldened under the current regime. It confirms our long-held belief that peace without justice is futile, and that as a nation, we have forgiven people who have no remorse for the oppression they subjected our people to.”

“These terror attacks will not go unanswered. The EFF will descend on Brackenfell in its entirety and ensure nothing operates,” the party vowed.

“All those white racists who have an uncontrollable desire to control the movement of Black people, and dictate where we can and cannot go, will be taught the humility we taught racists in Senekal.

“They have pushed us, and they must prepare to be pushed back harder.“

The party said that it will communicate the way forward to all of its structures.

Cape Argus