Ace Magashule: Political analysts predict fight back by supporters, Newsline

Durban: With ANC secretary-general, Magashule, on his way to the dock on Friday, two KZN based political analysts predict that his supporters will stage a fierce fight back.

However, the two political analysts, Madlala and Khumalo agree that any fight back campaign was not likely to yield the desired results.

This comes yesterday as Lynda Steyn, the spokesperson for the Hawks in the Free State confirmed to Independent Media that Magashule would appear before the Bloemfontein magistrate’s court.

She said the former Free State premier (between 2009 and 2017) would face fraud and corruption charges (among others) related to the 2014 asbestos tender worth R255 million.

The tender was issued to audit all RDP houses with the deadly asbestos roofing but there are allegations that it illegally benefited the likes of Edwin Sodi (businessman) and Thabane Zulu (former human settlements DG) who are out on bail for the same case.

On the possible immediate reaction of Magashule’s supporters, Madlala said they would stage an attempt to show support.

“Yes there will be an attempt by his supporters to fight back the arrest, but I don’t see them succeeding. It’s over now for Magashule,” Madlala said.

He said the news of the arrests was positive for crime fighting as it showed that the Hawks were finally “going for the big fishes” in corruption cases.

Concurring with Madlala, Khumalo said it was a given that Magashule’s backers would try to form a ring of steel around him during the trying times of prosecution.

“Initially, they will stage a fight back and show support for the embattled Magashule. But what I predict is that their effort will fall flat and they would accept defeat and move on. That’s how political supporters behave when your house is on fire and your political power is on the wane,” Khumalo said.

When the news of his arrest came to public light, Magashule was, before by-elections across the country, campaigning on behalf of the ruling party in Soweto, Joburg.

When he was asked about the arrest, he said he was not bothered as he knew the day would finally come.

“Not worried … If it happens, it will happen, so I’m not worried at all,” he was heard saying in one of the trending videos as journalists fielded questions.

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