Ga-Rankuwa family demand justice for son killed after brawl in tavern, Newsline

Pretoria – The Lebitsa family in Ga-Rankuwa are still struggling to come to terms with the death of their son Kagiso, whose decomposed body was discovered in bush near an RDP settlement called Tsunami.

What troubles the family especially is the fact that his killers are still on the run despite some witnesses having shared information of the incident with the police.

Kagiso, nicknamed “Marco”, was killed after he was involved in a brawl at a local tavern with other men who accused him of stealing their cellphone.

A witness said Marco and a friend had escaped from the fight, but they were chased by their attackers.

Although it was unclear how he was killed, many believed the incident might have taken place in the bush, where it was dark.

Others suspected that his attackers might have murdered him somewhere and dumped his body in the bush.

Sello Lebitsa, an older brother to the dead man, said: “We are deeply hurt as the family. We are seriously troubled by the untimely passing of my brother. What happened was very tragic and we never imagined that it could happen to us.”

He said his family had joined hands with the community in calling for justice to be served so that his brother can rest in peace.

“We want everyone to lend a hand in the arrest of those responsible for this heinous act. No mercy should be spared for the killers of my brother because they killed him intentionally.”

He remembered Marco as “a quiet person and a loving father to his two children and relatives”.

The family and concerned community members have initiated a campaign under #Justice4Marco on social media, calling for their son’s killers to be brought to book.

The campaign has been gathering momentum on Facebook, with many people sharing a picture of Marco’s dead body lying in the bush.

Some campaign supporters vented their frustration on social media, calling for the police to speed up the investigation and arrest the perpetrators.

One of them, Tshepo Mokonyane, wrote: “Our local police can’t be trusted in matters like this, even if they can arrest the killers, still they’ll be freed too.”

Others lamented the fact that residents were forced to live in fear, worried that they may be next to be killed.

“But why must we kill each other, guys? Have we now become animals?” one asked.

Community activist Onnicah Kanyane said Marco’s body was found a week ago on Monday morning after it had been lying in the bush for three days, with his T-shirt removed.

She said there were reports that some of those involved in the fight sustained stab wounds.

One of them, allegedly stabbed with an empty beer bottle, was rushed to a clinic, while another is fighting for his life at an intensive care unit where he was admitted.

A murder case was opened and police said an investigation into the incident was under way.

Marco’s funeral will take place tomorrow at the local cemetery.

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