Europe tightens Covid-19 prevention measures, Newsline

CAPE TOWN – NEPI ROCKCASTLE said Central and Eastern European countries had tightened Covid-19-related measures and 77 percent of the group’s gross lettable area (GLA) was operating as of yesterday.

The liquidity position of €1.2 billion (about R22bn) remained strong, the group said in a statement. Debt covenants showed “significant headroom”, and there were no significant financial liabilities due in the following two years.

In the Czech Republic, the government extended a trading ban introduced on October 22 on all non-essential shops until November 20, with restaurants allowed to operate for deliveries and take-aways. These measures affected about 2 percent of the group’s GLA in that country.

In Romania, Covid-19-related restrictions applied to several cities, including Bucharest, which affected 3 percent of GLA. Restrictions in Slovakia affected about 1 percent of GLA.

Slovakia undertook a nationwide testing programme over the past two weekends, revealing that about 1 percent of the population was Covid-19 positive.

In Poland, new restrictions affected about 16 percent of GLA. As of yesterday, a government decree issued in March that provided for the suspension of the tenants’ financial obligations for the duration of restrictions was still in place.

In Lithuania, restrictions affected about 1 percent of GLA. In Hungary, new measures would affect 1 percent of GLA.

Restrictions in Bulgaria, Serbia and Croatia did not prohibit the activity of any sector and, as of yesterday, 100 percent of GLA in these countries was operational.