IEC rejects PAC’s candidate for by-elections in Langa, Newsline

Cape Town – The Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) has barred the PAC’s ward 51 candidate in Langa from contesting Wednesday’s by-elections.

The by-elections are taking place in eleven wards across the Western Cape with voting stations open from 7am until 9pm.

Western Cape head of the IEC, Courtney Sampson, said the PAC had a serious leadership crisis.

“Our arrangement with any party is that every party has got a person, and that person’s name must appear on all the communication from that particular party to the IEC. That is to avoid factionalism.

“We have had incidents where one grouping will come and hand in a nomination of a candidate and another grouping will come and grab that thing and put it another grouping, now who do you listen to?

“I so wish that the PAC can sort out this internal leadership problem because they must fulfil their political role in South African politics,” Sampson said.

IEC national spokesperson Kate Bapela said various leadership groups claimed their leaders were the legitimate ones.

PAC branch secretary Lwando Wole said they visited the IEC’s Athlone offices on September 25 to inquire about the election, but were told registration was finalised and given a different date.

“Then through communication they told us that PAC did not have party reps, so our Western Cape chairperson Sisipho Mpeto and organiser Xolani Malazibuye submitted their details as party reps and IEC accepted their names, but throughout the process until today, they never received any communique from IEC with regards to these by-elections. On 12 October 2020, we submitted our candidate application and IEC accepted it,” he said.

Wole said when they returned to the offices to check their application, they were told the office received a letter from the IEC provincial office that rejected their candidate.

“We went to IEC in Athlone, to see if we don’t have any outstanding documents or anything IEC needed from us, since we never got any communication from them. IEC told us that they received a letter from their provincial office to reject our candidate.

“Until today, we never got any straight answers from our leadership or the IEC provincial office.

“We want to assure our supporters, sympathisers and members of ward 51 that we are going to deliver on our promises that we made on our manifesto, even if we are not in office,” he said.

Cape Times