Kumba Iron Ore aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 30%, Newsline

JOHANNESBURG – KUMBA Iron Ore aims to slash greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent and improve its energy intensity by 30 percent against its 2016 baseline by 2030, the group said in its annual sustainability report published on Wednesday.

Chief executive, Themba Mkhwanazi, said that sustainability was at the heart of the iron ore producer.

” We recognise that a sustainability mindset, including our non-negotiable commitment to safety and health, makes us better at our business of producing high quality iron ore. It makes us more resilient, agile and efficient. There are many highlights, but I am proud that for the fourth year in a row, we have achieved zero fatalities and have had no major environmental incidents,” said Mkhwanazi.

Kumba, an Anglo American plc subsidiary also revised its water strategy during 2020 and said it was targeting a more than 14 percent reduction in water usage by 2025.

“We are continually improving our business model using new technology and strategies that create a safer, greener and sustainably profitable business. This provides more control over our destiny such that we can meet all of our sustainability commitments and create value for all of our stakeholders,” Mkhwanazi said.