Motor vehicle-related thefts a worrying trend in Pretoria’s Moot area, Newsline

Pretoria – Motor vehicle-related thefts have become a worrying trend in the Moot area.

In the latest incidents, one car was stolen and two others broken into in one night last weekend.

Police spokesperson Captain Anton Breedt said it was worrying that both incidents happened in the same complex.

He added that there had been concerns raised by management of residences regarding vehicle and property-related crime at the flats and duplex complexes in the Moot.

The police were called to complexes to attend to cases of theft of motor vehicles and theft out of motor vehicles.

“It was reported that one of the vehicle owners was missing his gate remote which was in his vehicle at the time of the theft,” said Breedt.

He said this made it clear to police how the vehicle was removed from the parking area with nobody hearing anything.

“The stolen vehicle was recovered by police after a short chase and the suspect driving the blue Renault ended hitting a tree in CR Swart road in Queenswood.”

Breedt said as the festive season approached, desperate criminals would try to take any opportunity at their disposal to commit crimes and urged residents to be vigilant.

He said the SAPS and management of various complexes and duplexes were offering owners of motor vehicles and motorcycles safety tips to follow, such as never leaving the gate remote to the complex in the car.

They suggested regular meetings organised by caretakers with residents to report on security matters such as lost remotes and any suspicious activity.

“With the festive season around the corner, vehicle and property-related crime have the tendency to increase so residents need to also ensure that entrance and parking areas have enough working lights and also remember to wait for the gate to close,” said Breedt.

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